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Abzu Copenhagen

Casper WilstrupCEO
Casper is a physicist by education. He has 18 years of experience building large scale systems for data processing, analysis and artificial intelligence. He combines deep technical insight and hands-on engineering skills with many years of leadership experience. Casper is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive start-up experience. For the last three years, Casper has been CTO of Blackwood Seven A/S, helping that company grow from the founding team of four to around 250 employees and five substantial offices around the world.
Casper has a passion for the ancient sumerian culture and language, which is sometimes reflected in the names we choose at Abzu.
Mobile: +45 26721472
Chris CaveMathematician
Chris holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of Southampton and prior to joining Abzu, he held a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen.
Chris is working on strengthening the mathematical framework of our core AI and Machine learning technology and in general, has a leading role in our research and applied predictive analysis.
In his spare time, Chris has a passion for rowing and has won several medals in his local rowing club.

Jonas WilstrupCOO & CFO
Jonas is responsible for finances, investor relations, solutions and strategy with Abzu. He has 11 years’ experience in strategy, finance & public affairs. Jonas holds an M.Sc. in Economics degree from the University of Copenhagen and has a 10-year experience in various leadership positions with different Danish companies. In his latest position Jonas has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Wonderful Copenhagen. Jonas has a vast experience managing investor and stakeholder relations, developing strategy, management and political positioning of organizations.
Jonas is a major Trekkie and loves most things sci fi.
Mobile: +45 29298524
Jaan Kasak
Jaan KasakData Scientist
Jaan is in the middle of his MSc in theoretical physics at Copenhagen University. At the university, he works on his thesis and research with the astroparticle physics and cosmology group. He has a strong background in mathematics and is experienced in engineering. At Abzu, Jaan is a part-time team member who contributes as a bridge between the mathematical framework behind Abzu and its implementation in code.

When he is not busy at the university or Abzu, Jaan enjoys science-fiction, philosophy and playing badminton.

Kevin BroløsSoftware Engineering
Kevin Broløs is a software engineer from the Technical University of Denmark, with special interests in cryptography, parallel programming and high performance computing. He has worked as an agile consultant for 6 years, helping teams in many different settings develop better software and culture through his experience in agile processes, test driven development, distributed systems, frontend and backend development and critical thinking. He’s also very interested in how humans approach learning and better ourselves through shared understanding and reasoning.
He’s also a singer/songwriter and plays guitar, bass, and keyboard. He also enjoys spending his free time drawing, painting and creating video games.
Mobile: +45 26749403
Jonas NygreenCommercial Lead
Jonas has +10 years of experience in the world of management consulting, where he has both driven and scaled internal businesses areas. His experience lies in leading and conceptualizing large transformation programmes within both optimization and strategy, in close collaboration with all management levels from CEO to team lead. His background as a mechanical engineer provides him with strong abilities in seeing solutions when it comes to complex issues as well as organizational challenges. Jonas has a motivation and energy that is contagious to his surroundings and in order to keep this at a stable level he uses his spare time running obstacle course races all over Europe.

Abzu Barcelona S.L.

Daniela MoscaTalent Acquisition & Facilitator
Daniela holds an M.Sc. in IO- Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) from University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She has more than 10 years of experience in Recruitment, Head Hunting and Talent Acquisition mostly working in Consulting. In the last year she started to train herself also as a Coach and Facilitator for agile teams of developers, she finds this new aspect of her job very fascinating and challenging.
In the last two years she’s been working at Blackwood Seven, as Talent Acquisition, Coach & Facilitator, thanks to her passion and commitment the Bcn team flourished from a core team composed by 4 people to an international and diverse team of 17 people.
Daniela is a mum and in her spare time she loves creating items made with recycled material.
Mobile: +34 681 10 28 19
Guillem SalasData Science engineer
Guillem is a telecommunication engineer with more than 15 years of experience working with computer systems. He has broad technical experience, ranging from wiring and network design to frontend development. His strongest expertise is building large scale data processing systems and data integrations, which he has applied in the banking, hospitality and advertising industry. He is also passionate on distributed systems, neural networks and cryptography.
When he is not playing with computers, Guillem enjoys trekking on the Pyrenees, meeting with friends and training martial arts.
Mobile: +34 675 632 392
Raquel RedóData Scientist
Raquel has more than 15 years of experience in the Data Science field in Spain and China. She has a strong passion for emerging technologies and the role of women in it. Raquel has a background working with applied machine learning and big data problems.
In her spare time, she likes to pet her two cats, swimming, play board games, learning and writing Chinese Hanzis. She also spends time in mentoring others.
Mobile: +34 659 84 60 47
Marco SommaEngineer
Marco holds a M.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine and Ethology. He has a strong passion for Robotics, Computer Science and Neuroscience, and for how these three fields converge to create a new range of opportunities for autonomous systems.
For more than 9 years Marco has worked in software development, of which the last two years has been at Blackwood Seven’s Barcelona office.
Marco really love spend time with his family. Marco also loves to play video games or fiddling around with his crazy broken robots.
Mobile: +34 665 23 92 97
Tom JelenEngineer
Tom is an experienced engineer in architecture and system design. He has 14 years of experience in software development, working mostly on distributed systems.
Previously worked an engineer at Blackwood Seven in Copenhagen and Barcelona. Before that, with integrating systems for Falck Denmark.
Tom is also addicted to climbing the mountains around Barcelona on his bicycle.
Mobile: +4530282666
Victor GalindoSoftware engineer
Victor is an Industrial Engineer by education. Before focusing on software development, he worked in different engineering fields such as chemicals and materials research projects. For the last 10 years he has worked in software development, where he has lead software engineering projects in many different fields including Automatic/Aided translation, Fintech and Marketing recommendations. He comes from as position of Head of Engineering at Blackwood Seven, Barcelona.
In his spare time Victor loves to go jogging in the mountains with the company of his loving dogs.