Meet the Abzoids

We are curious and ambitious good humans. We enjoy sharing and the trust that transparency brings. We’re just a bunch of nice nerds building something awesome.

The Abzu team

We are a friendly and professional team of nerds that are passionate about innovating creative solutions for likeminded nerds.


We are an international group of specialists representing seven nationalities in Copenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain. Although we can’t always be together in-person, we have a live “window” (video conference) open between offices to keep us connected.

Chris Cave

Chris Cave, Mathematician

Chris holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Southampton. He works on strengthening the mathematical framework of Abzu’s core AI and machine learning technology and has a leading role in applied predictive analysis. Chris is an award-winning rower and giggler.

Elizabeth Gil-Roldán

Solutions & Projects
Elizabeth Gil-Roldán, Solutions & Projects

Elizabeth holds a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia. At Abzu, she applies her wide variety of experience (at the Big Four, European Parliament, and SMEs) on business development and managing projects. Elizabeth adores her two kids, dog, and cat.

Elyse Sims

Elyse Sims, Marketing

Elyse holds an EMBA from Georgia State University and wrangles Marketing and Communication for Abzu. She has 11+ years’ international marketing experience and prefers fast-paced startup environments. Elyse is an avid runner, CrossFit-er, gardener, reader, and swearer.

Guillem Salas

Data Science Engineer
Guillem Salas, Data Science Engineer

Guillem is a telecommunication engineer with 15+ years’ experience building large-scale data processing systems and data integrations. He is passionate about distributed systems, neural networks, and cryptography. Guillem enjoys trekking the Pyrenees and martial arts.

Jaan Kasak

Data Scientist
Jaan Kasak, Data Scientist

Jaan has an education in Theoretical Physics from the University of Copenhagen. He helps bridge Abzu’s mathematical framework with implementation in code, and is invested in Abzu's long term goals of developing an AGI. He is inspired by sci-fi and philosophy, and runs pretty fast.

Jonas Nygreen

Jonas Nygreen, Commercial

Jonas has 10+ years’ experience as a management consultant, growing and optimizing operations. Jonas’s background as a mechanical engineer enables him to intuit how to best build. He applies his incredible energy to everything Abzu and runs obstacle courses all over Europe.

Jonas Wilstrup

Finance & Operations
Jonas Wilstrup, Finance & Operations

Jonas holds an MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen and has 11+ years’ experience in Strategy, Finance, and Public Affairs. He manages Abzu’s finances, investor relations, and solutions strategies. Jonas is a major Trekkie and loves most things sci-fi. 

Kevin Broløs

Software Engineer
Kevin Broløs, Software Engineer

Kevin graduated from the Technical University of Denmark. He spent 6+ years as an agile consultant, and at Abzu he applies his skills in high performance computing, parallel programming, and distributed systems. Kevin is a talented singer/songwriter, musician, and artist.

Martin Mathiasen

Product & Customer Success
Martin Mathiasen, Product & Customer Success

Martin has, for the past ten years, created value-driven solutions in large corporations, built and led data science teams and projects, and advised leadership on how to successfully become data- and AI-driven. Martin enjoys CrossFit, but has small kids, so now he has no hobbies.

Meera Machado

Data Scientist
Meera Machado, Data Scientist

Meera holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Copenhagen in High Energy Physics, specializing in Heavy Ions. At Abzu, Meera explores how machine learning is applied in physics and science. She reads web comics, devours podcasts, pole dances, and is a secretly competitive cyclist.

Tom Jelen

Software Engineer
Tom Jelen, Software Engineer

Tom is an experienced engineer in architecture and system design. He has 14+ years’ experience in software development, mostly with distributed systems, and quietly applies that knowledge at Abzu. Tom is addicted to climbing the mountains of Barcelona on his bicycle.

Valdemar Stentoft-Hansen

Data Scientist
Valdemar Stentoft-Hansen, Data Scientist

Valdemar holds an MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen and applies his experience in advanced analytics and data science to complex problems at Abzu. Valdemar still can’t take care of himself, though, and has just become a father. Good luck!

Victor Galindo

Software Engineer
Victor Galindo, Software Engineer

Victor is an Industrial Engineer by education, working in chemical and materials research. He has 10+ years’ experience developing software, concentrating on translation, fintech, and marketing recommendations. Victor loves to go jogging with the company of his loving dogs.

The humans behind human-centric AIAbzu social contract

We are honest and we trust each other.
We care for each other and respect our differences.
Through collaboration, we boldly go where no one has gone before.
We give and ask for feedback regularly.
We have fun and spread positive energy.

Abzu is building the next generation of AI

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